Star-Spangled Beauty

The Fourth of July Festivities in San Miguel last week, sponsored by the Democrats Abroad group, was well attended, about 250 people I’d estimate, and predictable. Most all the attendees were retired geezers and the event was only loosely organized, pretty much like Democratic Party itself. 
For about US$15, there was a choice of hamburgers or hot dogs, condiments and, I believe, some sort of potato salad. Memorable cuisine is not why people attend these things. 
An excellent Mexican singer with guitar accompaniment inexplicably vanished after the third song. There was a piñata, its belly perhaps reinforced with titanium plates because none of the kids could bust it open even after taking off their blindfolds. Adults finally succeeded but only after ten or fifteen minutes of flailing with broom sticks. 
And just as a huge sheet cake came rolling out on a cart, it began to rain and everyone scampered to the patio of the hotel or a small tent, while just as many people simply gave up and went home. 
Attendees were as focused as a flock of cats at a church service: They didn’t pay much attention to anything that was said and promptly disbanded after snarfing down their food.  Hope this is not a preview of the Democratic campaign in November.

Then, just before we left, I spotted this woman, who despite her wrinkles, frailness and even a small bandaid on her nose, struck me as a beautiful face.

Her blue eyes sparkled like her vest, and were almost mischievous. That and her rather sly smile made her seem as if she were noodling a slightly naughty joke she was dying to tell you. She had wrinkles galore along with an archipelago of spots and blotches, like you’d expect on any old person.

Her weathered face, though, didn’t betray the sadness or weariness of a person approaching the end of a tough life. This Democrat stalwart looked calm and content. 

Sometimes, particularly in here in Mexico, old folk can look fifteen or twenty years older than their age after years of sun, hard work and harder luck. 

I asked for permission to take her picture but forgot to jot down her name, so I don’t know who she is or if I’ll ever see her again. I hope I do.


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