Blogging about Mexico

I can’t remember exactly how I bumped into this blog about Mexico but I find it fascinating. It’s written by a man in Salamanca who evidently travels all over the country, visiting and doing research about various places and doing some pretty interesting photography. There’s not much personal information in the blog and I’ve asked him for some details: Is he a historian, photographer, artist, professor?

The blog is in Spanish and the level of his grammar and vocabulary is definitely not entry level, but even if you can’t understand it all, his photographs, evidently taken with a small pocket camera, are impressive.

Recently he posted a short essay about circles and then a series of photos about circles, from a rose window in a cathedral to basins and drain holes. Cool stuff:

9 thoughts on “Blogging about Mexico

  1. Anonymous

    Great site. Yes, definitely not entry level Spanish but it has such interesting stories I don't mind taking it slow. It will help me practice “mi lengua”.


  2. Wow, I've been reading that blog for almost an hour….fabulous photos and the articles on the haciendas is magnificent. At least what I can understand. I wish there was a way to translate to English for us pitiful souls who aren't fluent.


  3. Very interesting! I sent it to my teenage granddaughter who is interested in photography and wants an expensive DSLR. I've been trying to explain to her that she does not need a $1500 camera to develop her hobby.This is a great example for her.


  4. What a terrific blog! I would like to subscribe, but can't figure out how except via Google Friends. Am I missing something? I will return to this as it requires time to enjoy. Thanks, Al.


  5. Vicki: I jointed this site but can't remember how I did it. I think it must have been by clicking on “Participar en este sitio” though that takes you down the Google Friends route, which is something else. al


  6. It is a pretty amazing site. I wrote the guy through the comments section to congratulate him and ask about his background–is he a photographer, writer, historian or what–but I haven't received a reply. Figure that the author has made made 346 postings this year alone, or probably one a day by the time the year is over. I don't know how he takes so many photos–they all have his name on them–or collect so many facts and


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