Latest from Rafael Loreno

Even though the highs remain in the mid-80s, the sun is getting higher in the sky and beating more fiercely. Remember, the altitude at the ranch is about 7,000 feet and San Miguel is quite a bit closer to the equator than most of the U.S.

So Félix’s hats have been getting gradually larger and wider and this week reached maximum rim span (we hope), with this number: The Rafael Loreno “Flying Saucer” model, with a distinctive upturned rim on the right side and braided details throughout. About four bucks for the locals but for you gringos, eh, we’ll give it to your for fifteen, two for thirty-five.

On tourists waiting at the Cancun airport for the flight home this type of hat looks ridiculous.

But on Félix, a real Mexican, hmm, it looks ridiculous too especially since he’s pretty short. When the wind blows he reminds me of the Flying Nun.

He doesn’t care.

One thought on “Latest from Rafael Loreno

  1. If you have had mentioned Sister Bertrille, I would have.I, on the other hand, look ridiculous in a hat. You should have seen me in a top hat in the 1970s. I looked like a nit.


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