Ready for their close-up

Félix and Lucy await a 
possible brush with celebrity

subscribe to a relatively new magazine called Modern Farmer whose editorial focus, I think, is to explore new frontiers in farming and food production, with frequent asides on environmental news and politics. It’s very slickly produced, including stunning photography of sometimes exotic farm animals such as Malaysian chickens, and goats the likes of which you’ve never seen around your neighborhood.

A Malaysian hen: Ya talkin’ to me?

As a former journalist I enjoy leafing through such a beautiful publication, even if growing new-fangled varieties of fava beans is not at the top of my agenda.

Indeed, on occasion Modern Farmer features might seem borderline pornographic to someone my age.

Take a twenty-something couple who tires of the Wall Street hedge fund grind and spends last year’s bonus check on matching bib overalls and pitchforks, and buys an abandoned farm somewhere in Pennsylvania where they experiment with wind-powered goat-milking equipment.

Fascinating, yes, but far-fetched to a gay couple in their late sixties retired at a small ranch in Mexico and who can barely keep tomato and zucchini seedlings from keeling over.

Still, a recent email from MF offered the possibility of us connecting with the avant-garde farm set. The magazine wants photos of farm dogs and what better subject that our own mutt Lucy, with Félix, our gardener extraordinaire?

We got Lucy as a puppy ten years ago from someone who’d found her abandoned by the side of a road. She has developed into a splendid sixty-pound ranch dog, who guards the place with an authoritative bark and is the undisputed leader of a pack of another six dogs, two of which belong to Félix and come to work with him every day.

Lucy has even been injured on the line of duty, when she got bit by a rattler and her snout swelled as if had a baseball caught in her mouth.

Below is the picture I submitted. Feel free to solicit, write, harass and otherwise lobby Modern Farmer to put this irresistible duo in the magazine. Tell them Lucy sent you.


2 thoughts on “Ready for their close-up

  1. Anonymous

    Well, it's a beautiful photo, so it's definitely publish-able. Let's hope they print it and that someone doesn't try to grab Felix away from you.


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