Little League graduation

Think herding cats is difficult?
Try kids doing a graduation waltz

Last Saturday Félix’ five-year-old Edgar graduated from kindergarten and there was a celebration so incongruously elaborate—and irresistibly cute—you’d have to be dead not to smile. 

About forty kids graduated, a third more boys than girls for some reason, and the dress code was equally formal but hardly equal. The girls wore green tight-fitting, custom-made dresses, with frills, ruffles and endless embellishments, topped with cascades of curls and a usually a tiara. 

The boys arrived in “one-size-fits-no-one” baggy gray suits with clip-on ties that quickly became undone. 

Even at this early age it was fun to notice the difference between the girls—tallish, flirty, self-confident and even a little bit vain—versus the boys—clutzy, self-conscious and generally clueless.  

The ceremony began with an honor guard that escorted the flag around the covered school yard, and then led everyone in the singing of the Mexican national anthem, a rousing piece of music a little reminiscent of Le Marseillaise. 

After that, I can’t remember in which order, there was a waltz-like dance, with some girls assigned two boys, plus other bits of choreography that fell apart at the hands of the young kids charged with executing it. Here are some pictures of the event:

The ceremony began with an honor guard duly stamping their feet. 

She may become a soap opera actress. He, hmm, maybe a politician.

Decked out in earrings, necklace and a tiara, she was ready
for the show. He wasn’t sure.

Edgar’s “date” was taller than him and not at all camera-shy.

Edgar (c.) marching around with his classmates.

One of many mini beauty queens.

Edgar in his regulation ill-fitting gray suit.

Not sure, but Edgar didn’t seem very
impressed with his diploma.

The grand finale included an elaborate dance that
could have used just a bit more rehearsal time. 

7 thoughts on “Little League graduation

  1. Great photos. We recently had a family member graduate from kindergarten. I didn't go. I generally dodge Mexican social events. When I moved from kindergarten to First Grade there was no graduation ceremony. Maybe it's a cultural thing, or maybe it just wasn't done 100 years ago. My wife says there was no ceremony for her either when she got out of kindergarten, and that was in Mexico, though not 100 years ago.


  2. Anonymous

    Precious pictures of those beautiful children!! Liked your description of the difference in the boys and girls at that age.


  3. Sorry Steve, but it might be you. Kids get dressed up for first communions, confirmations and all sorts of other events. If you're thinking of JonBenét Ramsey, well that's CREEPY alright.


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