By the dawn's early light

It pays to get up early
to catch an unexpected show

A day’s first and final hours of sunlight, the “magic hours,” are supposed to be the best time to take pictures. It’s true. 

At around seven-thirty this morning I went out with my camera, followed by our dogs, to take pictures of the ranch. 

At that time sunlight comes in timidly, at a lower angle. Later it will beat directly from above and flatten everything, making you squint.   

Early on, dew makes the foliage sparkle and a passing puff of fog might add a bit of mystery. 

Birds are beginning to stir amid the early-morning stillness and fresh smells come from the wet grass crunching under your feet. 

Dogs have no time for contemplation. Their hyper noses glued to the ground, they do figure-eights as if this were their first time outside and everything was new. 

Even without a camera, you’re in for quite a show. 

–The End–

15 thoughts on “By the dawn's early light

  1. Thank you. We have seven and a half acres, thirty miles outside San Miguel and about an hour from Queretaro. But our house is small and we have only cleared out about half and acre. The rest of it is up for grabs.


  2. Anonymous

    Very nice photos. You have a good eye. But the picture of the agave against the brick wall takes the cake. Print it and frame it. Saludos,Kim GRedding, CAWhere a passion for photography seems to be fading. Oh well.


  3. The one and only reason I vote Republican is that it's the sole viable alternative to the statist Democrat Party. Most GOP lawmakers aren't worth warm spit. In contrast no Democrat lawmaker is worth warm spit. That gives the tilt toward the GOP in the voting booth. Lamentable situation.


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