Rain, roaring creeks and wildflowers

After four or five days of one- to one-and-half-inch rains the ranch is swamped and glorious.

The same over-grazed, almost scalped land we found ten years ago now is covered with wildflowers. Amid the stolid agaves, which not even a hurricane could budge, the delicate wildflowers constantly dance and sway to their own music at the slightest breeze. Several varieties of ornamental grasses, some four feet tall and most of whose names I don’t know, join the garden party too.

Downhill from our house the normally dry arroyo has become noisy and unruly. We can see the nearly torrential flow though all we hear is the soothing whoosh of the water, last thing when we go to sleep at night and the first when we wake up in the morning.


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