Reader comments, lost and found, sometimes months after the fact

This morning I spent a couple of hours poking around the settings of, the platform for my blog, trying to determine where the reader comments were going. I’ve received numerous gentle complaints from readers that their comments were not being published, or that they couldn’t figure out how to leave comments.

I think I found the answer in the “Spam and “Comments awaiting approval” folders: There were dozens and dozens of comments that for some reason had been shunted there, into sort of a dead-letter limbo. In one posting, the one about the Oscars and little brown people, there were 17 comments that ended up in outer space.

When comments come in, I’m supposed to get an email so I can decide which ones are appropriate, and which should be deleted or sent to Spam hell. But for some reason, I wasn’t getting any notifications and the comments were just piling there unanswered.

I don’t know why that is happening. I’m not Greta Garbo vanting to be cut off from the world. I welcome comments. If your comment doesn’t show up promptly, please resend it to me by email and I’ll put it in myself.

Meanwhile, I’ll do some more checking of settings and try to fix whatever is the problem. If that doesn’t work, I’ll start sniffing around WordPress, to move my blog there, as what’s-his-name from Pátzcuaro has been harping about for years.

So sorry.


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