Ah, those adorable expats of San Miguel

I‘ve seen this VW Bug around town before, but never talked with the owner who, I’ve been told, is Canadian. This time his creation was on the parking lot of the Mega supermarket.

Can’t tell you what his schtick might be: Irrepressible creativity? A deep-seated craving for attention? Hippie flashback?

Or about some of the logistics: How does he select the objects to go on his car? Does all this crap affect the driveability of the vehicle, as in aerodynamics during one of San Miguel’s windy afternoons? Ever been stopped by the police? For what?

So here are two pictures of this creation. Maybe one of the readers knows him.

If I catch up with the owner one day, I’ll mention that Felipe Zapata has an apartment for rent in Pátzcuaro, with a view of a mercilessly mutilated bougainvillea. Reasonable rent.  I’m not sure the two of them would make a good match though. Ja. Ja.

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