Are we ready to memorialize Trump's presidency?

With only 18 months left in his first term—though many of his supporters fervently look forward to a second—it’s not too early to do some preliminary thinking about how Donald Trump’s exciting  presidency will be publicly commemorated.

The Jockey shorts would be particularly
distracting in a presidential portrait. 

When presidents leave office plans are drawn at least for a presidential library and an official portrait. That should be so also for Trump, though some adjustments will be necessary.

Given his aversion to reading and writing, and predilection for tweets, it might be more efficient to store Trump’s bon mots, midnight pronunciamientos and other important presidential declarations in USB memory sticks, instead of the customary file boxes with the presidential seal, as was done in the awesome LBJ library at the University of Texas at Austin.

All of Trump’s USB sticks would fit nicely in a a building the size of a 7-Eleven, with room left over for a gift shop and a cafeteria.

Where to put the library, of course, is bound to be controversial. New Yorkers can be expected to riot when they get wind of any plans to build any edifice honoring the presidency of this definitely unfavorite son within 100 miles of the city, particularly if it’s to be festooned with a 20-foot-high sign—T R U M P—similar to the one on his Trump Tower in Chicago.

The official portrait also will need some tweaking—maybe by adopting a square or horizontal perspective rather than the customary vertical—to accommodate Trump’s increasingly rotund proportions, resulting from his diet of quarter-pounders and fried chicken.

Of course, other possible public tributes come to mind, though they too, could be problematic. Devotees of Ronald Reagan, you will recall, for a while promoted the idea of adding him to Mt. Rushmore. But with Trump’s legendary self-regard, he’d probably demand his effigy be larger than the other four guys, or be carved out of separate mountain altogether. Historians would object.

But rather that focusing on specific media—paintings, sculpture, buildings and such—I propose we think about themes that would inspire the various tributes to Trump’s presidency.

I looked through the internet and came up with six popular depictions—many of them downright far-fetched—that could be used to memorialize Trump’s accomplishments, during his four, or, God forbid, eight years in office.

I urge readers to study the options carefully and vote accordingly. Presidential monuments are big, and once built, last a long time. Think of the Washington Monument—and Trump probably would demand something even more grandiose.

Then vote for your favorite, and give a one-sentence explanation for your choice.

This is not meant as a cathartic exercise for lily-livered liberals, like sticking needles in a voodoo doll. Trumpistas are enthusiastically welcome to participate and express their opinions—as if they needed any encouragement.

#1  I see a colonial, revolutionary theme here, except
for the Rambo-like machine gun. Trump is trampling
over the established order, also known as 

“The Swamp.” Go, Donald, go. 
#2  There is a Johnny Six Pack motif here, maybe after Johnny
had one too many six packs. 
#3  This is scary, especially the two skulls with red MAGA
baseball caps, and the Confederate Speedo trunks. Choose
at your own risk.
#4  “Emperor Has no Balls,” a public sculpture that appeared
mysteriously in various U.S. cities, I believe starting in
San Francisco. Damned liberals. 
#5 Trump as Superman, coming to the rescue of all the
little people ignored by the Democrats, particularly Hillary
who was probably fiddling with
her emails while the country burned.
“Trump the Visionary,” commissioned by Trump,
and hanging at Mar-a-Lago. This work is also
called “You Gotta Be Kidding.”

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