How do you explain U.S. democracy to foreigners?

As much as I swear I’m not going to read, or write, any more about American politics, nowadays that’s like trying to avert one’s attention from a five-car pile-up in full view. 

During a two-and-a-half hour sojourn at the dentist yesterday, mercifully most of it under a haze of Novocaine, Stew received two root canals, along with temporary posts and crowns, while the dentist’s dog Pita, lay on the floor by the chair, keeping a fitful eye on the proceedings. 

Sale on marital aids, right next door!

In addition, the dentist, in her wobbly English, asked Stew about about the U.S. presidential election and the clown show it’s become: How can Trump refuse to concede after clearly losing? 

Tough question. Even in Mexico, the cradle of modern political corruption, such soap opera twists are real head-scratchers. 

And thank God the dentist didn’t ask about the surreal press conference held on Saturday by Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s personal lawyer and bagman, presumably to explain why Trump was refusing to concede, even if no concrete evidence has surfaced to justify the morning-after lawsuits and other legal hoo-hahs.

[Full disclosure: Giuliani and I went to the same Catholic college in New York, whose name I’m too embarrassed to reveal.] 

The press conference was held in front of the Four Seasons Total Landscaping company in a rusty industrial park outside of Philadelphia, next to the Fantasy Island Adult Books and Viewing Booths shop, and across the street from the Delaware Valley Cremation Co. 

For a real show, come on in!

“I was pretty much in awe of the funniness of the whole situation,” said Bernie D’Angelo, owner of Fantasy Island, whose furtive clientele likely didn’t appreciate the sudden media attention. 

For its part, the five-star Four Seasons Hotel in downtown Philadelphia rushed to clarify that they had nothing to do with this pathetic spectacle. The Trump organization, though, hasn’t explained the mix-up. 

A British columnist offered a deliciously detailed report of this episode, and wrote that nowadays Brits are used to such ridiculousness and worse, under the direction of Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Ah, the hell with it all. I’ve got more important things to pass on to my readers. 

Stew is going for knee surgery tomorrow, which promises to be a medical as well as a culinary experience, because for the next two or three weeks, I’m going to have to do the cooking. Both of us probably will end up losing weight, which is not a bad thing.

Plus, as I write this, Félix and his compadre Juan are in the garage collecting this year’s honey. I just tasted it, and if you’re pardon my bragging, that amber honey is the best ever. 

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