Welcome, old timers and newcomers

I’ve been publishing a blog for about 12 years, mostly about the experiences of my husband and I since we moved to San Miguel de Allende in 2005, and felt it was time to redesign the blog and fix a couple of glitches.  I hope veteran readers and newcomers as well like the new look.

First, if you wish to subscribe to El Rancho Santa Clara and receive future posts, please enter your email address in the subscription box, on the right-hand side of this post.

Second, I welcome and encourage you to submit comments, as to establish a conversation with me and other readers. I maintain a liberal attitude regarding comments and I approve all comments that do not involve personal attacks. I’ll even let through an occasional racy adjective for the sake of rhetorical color. As with any letters to the editor section, brevity and a sharp focus help you get your point across and encourage other comments.

The first comment you enter will be held for “moderation” to ensure it’s not spam or otherwise objectionable. From then on, if you use the same name, email address and website (if you have one), your comments will appear immediately. The email of commenters will not be published, and or used for any marketing or other commercial purposes.

Otherwise, I look forward to your comments, and observations. The back-and-forth of comments and replies is the most fun part of keeping a blog.

Finally, I want to thank fellow bloggers Jennifer and Kim for their suggestions and technical help with the updating of the Rancho Santa Clara blog.

On that concluding note, let me blog on with a story about my visit with Stew and my friend Joe to a wrestling arena in Querétaro over the weekend.  I was a hoot and I hope you enjoy the story and some of the photos.


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