Sweetums, time to get more honey

Our bees buzzed double-time during the lockdown
Partial view of our state-of-the-art processing plant.

After a hiatus of more than a year, Rancho Santa Clara’s honey production is back in business, with a bumper harvest of dark amber honey that is also light and particularly sweet.

The pause in production was caused by our manager Félix’s under-the-radar, yearlong scholarship with a roofing company outside of Dallas.


The purpose of his trip was to pay his brother and brother-in-law to build an indoor bathroom for his family back here and to settle some debts.

That all worked out just fine, and his next home improvement project, to be partly financed through the sale of honey, is to add a bedroom for his ten-year-old Edgar, who now sleeps with his two sisters.

This year all of our four hives were bursting with honey, and Félix, with the help of his wife, collected nearly 15 gallons of delicious honey in special orange plastic buckets from Home Depot.

Because we didn’t have standard-size jars or containers, this year we’re selling the honey by weight (ounce) ranging from $120 to $180 pesos per jar. The large size of the harvest enabled us to price the product very attractively.

All proceeds will go to the Edgar Bedroom Fund, while Stew and I underwrite all the expenses, a portion of which we intend to deduct from our taxes in the States (ha!).

You can place your order directly with me by sending an e-mail to stewnal@gmail.com, and we will deliver it to whichever mailing service your use, La Conexión or Solutions. Specify which size container you want, and which branch of La Conexión.

Available sizes and prices

6 thoughts on “Sweetums, time to get more honey

    1. Janet: Not sure if I replied to you. But the 32 oz jars are sold out. You have a choice of the next smaller size (24oz) at $160 pesos, or the next size up (48 oz or one liter) for $300. The liter container is a better deal, depending on how much honey you use. Let me know. I can drop it off the Conexion/Ancha, with an envelope for the money. Let me know via my email, stewnal@gmail.com Thanks!


    1. Yes and it was depressing! It was set in the Carpathian mountains or some place around there. I think someone wanted to run the peasants off their land or something like that. Here we have mechanized, ultramodern collection methods—Felix and his wife.


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